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PLEASE NOTE --- Ultimately, the Violence Against Women Act was again reauthorized in 2013, after a long legislative battle throughout 20122013."President signs Violence Against Women Act" - --- March 7, 2013 - 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, started in 1991, is coordinated by the Center for Women's Global Leadership at Rutgers. where, although we are not a militarized zone in technical terms, we rank No.Women are the overwhelming targets of intimate partner and domestic violence. The women suffer long term social, emotional, physical and economic trauma.

The societal costs are great: everything from increased poverty and homelessness to maternal mortality and expensive emergency health care provisions. And last, but certainly not least, violence in the home is the surest predictor of violence at the state level, a tolerance for such violence reflecting a propensity for militarization and war. The fact that in some countries obvious and extreme violence against women is practiced in systemic ways shouldn't be a reason to dismiss our own, which are also sometimes on violent public display.

" Because something has to change so that we reauthorize VAWA as quickly as possible.

50 Facts About Domestic Violence ~~~~ These are only some of the reasons why we should #Pass VAWA2012.

As with rape, some information regarding domestic violence might be useful.

I know that the topic is difficult, but I'm with Mansur Gidfar, who earlier this year asked in an article in which he shared a jarring graphic comparing the first two facts below: "Would A Body Count Change Your Mind?

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